When browsing for tall tables and chairs, you may come across phrases like “counter height,” “bar height,” and “pub height” used to describe the furniture. But what do these terms actually mean and what are the differences?

In this comprehensive guide, we will demystify these keywords so you can shop confidently and choose the perfect high top furniture for your needs.

What is Counter Height?

Counter height refers to tables and chairs that are taller than standard dining sets but lower than bar height.


  • Counter Height Tables: 34-36 inches tall
Counter Height Table in a small kitchen to create additional counter space for preparing food, cooking, or baking.

This is around 6 inches taller than typical dining tables. Counter height sets are casual and laidback while taking up less visual space, making them adaptable options for small kitchens, cozy dining nooks, and patios. The often lightweight profile and wipeable surfaces provide flexibility for indoor/outdoor use.

Some popular counter height table shapes include round and square. Barstool-style chairs or stools without backs are common pairings. Materials range from weather-resistant wicker, aluminum, or teak for patio settings to finished wood tables with upholstered seating for indoor spaces.

  • Counter Height Chairs/Stools: 24-29 inches tall

To ensure comfort and legroom, counter height seats should be 9-12 inches shorter than the accompanying table. Measure from the floor to the highest point of the chair or stool cushion, not including the backrest. Seat shapes, frames, sizes, and cushioning vary greatly based on needs and styles.

10 Counter Height Table use cases:

  1. In a small kitchen to create additional counter space for preparing food, cooking, or baking.
  2. As a bench or window space to enjoy the view in a kitchen or dining area.
  3. As an entertaining table in a living room or den to serve appetizers and encourage mingling.
  4. In a casual dining room or eat-in kitchen to add more casual seating.
  5. In a patio or poolside area for outdoor meals or to play games while relaxing.
  6. Paired with couches in a sitting room or large TV room so people can enjoy snacks while watching TV.
  7. As a space-saving touchdown spot where guests can set food and laptops or do work.
  8. Within a workspace or home office to place meetings or do collaborative work.
  9. As cozy breakfast nooks where people can chat or read the news.
  10. Beside an indoor reading chair or relaxing chair to prop up books or other items.

What is Bar Height?

Bar height describes taller tables and stools designed to emulate the experience of relaxing with drinks at a bar or pub.


  • Bar Height Tables: 40-42 inches tall
Bar Height Table in a game room to form relaxing gathering areas for pool.

At this height, bar tables blur the line between sitting and standing, facilitating easy conversation and socialization. Square and round shapes dominate bar height styles with materials like finished wood, metal, glass, and laminates allowing placement in lounges, game rooms, patios, and more.

Bar tables often accompany coordinating stools for brief periods of seating. Some sets feature built-in stemware and wine glass holders.

  • Bar Stools: 30-36 inches tall

Standard bar stool cushion heights fall between 30-36 inches. Tall bar stools range from 34-36 inches. Either enables easy standing access. Materials like leather, vinyl, and velvet make up the cushions.

10 Bar Height Table use cases:

  1. In-game rooms or basements to form relaxing gathering areas for darts, pool, and more.
  2. Backyard patios, especially in spaces with hot tubs, drink machines, or covered grills to promote leisure.
  3. Man caves or she sheds to provide a hangout space when doing hobbies or just relaxing with friends.
  4. In commercial bars, pubs, and lounges to promote social interaction amongst patrons.
  5. Beside couches in open-concept living rooms or media rooms to serve as end tables holding snacks and drinks.
  6. Outside of a home theater, hold movie treats and beverages before going in for a show.
  7. In Airbnb or vacation rental homes to provide a centerpiece for games, drinks, or fun.
  8. As dining tables in compact urban apartments where space is limited.
  9. In hosted parties where cocktail tables are needed to encourage mingling and conversations.
  10. For business receptions, networking gatherings, or business meetings to exude a professional yet approachable environment.

Pub Height Furniture

Pub height is often used interchangeably with bar height. Technically pub tables should measure 42 inches, the maximum end of the bar height spectrum. But many manufacturers label their 40-42 inch products as “pub height” regardless.

The bottom line: Unless specified as exactly 42 inches, pub height and bar height can be used to mean the same taller-than-standard, taller-than-counter furniture style.

Tips When Shopping

With the knowledge of these common tall furniture terminology definitions, you can now shop Heighted furniture confidently. Just remember:

  • Always measure existing furniture pieces before purchasing additions
  • Double-check product descriptions for exact height dimensions
  • Allow 9-12 inches between table height and respective seat height for best ergonomics

An important thing to note is that the phrase “high top tables” encompasses all of these types. And in fact, sometimes even manufacturers and advertisers use these phrases interchangeably.

Understanding the nuanced differences between counter, bar, and pub styles enables you to curate cohesive, functional, and comfortable spaces tailored to your needs.

We hope this guide gives you the tools to navigate the world of high top furniture with ease, contact us with any additional questions.

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