It used to be that counter-height tables were mainly only seen in bars or at cocktail parties.  But in recent years, a rising trend in interior decorating has been to incorporate this type of table into many places within homes as well as businesses.  By now you’ve likely seen and sat in a variety of these stylish and functional settings as you have made visits to restaurants, hotels, and houses of friends.

As the name suggests, these tables which are also referred to as high-top tables, stand higher than traditional tables.   Where standard table height is between 28-32”, counter height tables are usually 34-40” tall.  This higher profile provides unique possibilities for how these tables look and how they can be used, both indoors and out.

There are a broad array of styles of these taller height tables.  They come in different sizes and colors and are made of different materials. If you’re in the market to enhance your living space, have a look below for top choices in each of the three main categories of these counter height tables.

Counter Height Dining Tables

Counter-height kitchen and dining tables are found more and more in enhanced contemporary vintage to timeless home settings.

These tables may be designed to seat 2, 4, 6, or more people, and offer a unique approach to sitting down for anywhere between a fancy meal or a casual snack.

You may buy your table and chairs separately or look for that perfect matching set.

Bar Height Tables

A very popular style for bars and cocktail lounges is the small circular high-top tables. These are also most commonly used for indoor or garden parties where people will primarily be milling around, and where you serve appetizers and drinks, but not full meals with large plates. The smaller size is great at promoting intimate interaction between small groups of people, as they stand or lean on it they have a drink.

Instead of legs, these usually have a sturdy round base with a simple pole stand going up the center to hold up the tabletop. This design takes up less floor space and no table leg interferes with people standing against it. And since you don’t need chairs with these, they are easy to space out and leave plenty of room to walk between them.

Another popular style for the bar or den area of a home is a narrow rectangular table that serves as an additional countertop.

Scoot some nice wooden stools underneath and there’s extra seating space for a snack or drink when you need it.

Counter Height Patio Table and Chair Sets

If you want to create a contemporary look outside your home, on a deck or patio, or elsewhere in the backyard, then a counter-height patio table may be the way to go. Add some matching chairs and you may find that you and your family start spending more time enjoying the outdoors with each other and with friends.

Outdoor high-top tables come in different shapes, and some have a hole in the center for a sun umbrella.   Be sure the table set you select is intended for outdoor use.   This means it will be made of materials that are water-resistant and fade-resistant.

With so many types and styles of counter height tables to choose from, you’re sure to find that one special one that perfectly suits your needs.

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