When planning a party, one main concern is how and where people will sit or stand.  You want everyone to have a good time, socialize, and maybe meet new people.  Often, it would be best if you rent tables and chairs to accommodate the expected guests. Your decision to determine what kind of tables to pick depends on the kind of party that you plan to have.

Now that the popularity of the high-top table is on the rise, this may make you think twice about considering this type of table.  Should you go with these higher height or standard height ones?  Among the things to consider are:

  • How many guests are you inviting?
  • What is the age of the guests?
  • Will guests be sitting or standing?
  • What food or drink will you be serving?

Considerations for Renting High-Top Tables

If the function that will be held is more on people going around and meeting others, mingling and conversing, then high-top tables may be the optimal choice.

Bar parties are best with fewer chairs, and high-top bar tables are the best option. This gives people more space to dance and get acquainted with the attendees.

If the host or hostess of the party won’t be serving full meals, and the event is more on drinks and cocktails, high-top tables would also be the perfect choice.

Intimate parties, like tea parties, would also be a good opportunity to rent high-top table sets. They encourage people to converse with each other and huddle closer together. Cute high chairs and stools may also match these tables well.

It doesn’t matter whether you are renting for an indoor or outdoor event.  Bar-height patio furniture can be ideal for a garden party.

Considerations for Renting Standard Height Tables

One important factor that needs to be considered when trying to determine what height of tables one should rent during parties is the age of the attendees. It may not be the safest choice to get high-top tables for children’s parties and that is of course, for obvious reasons.

If the hostess will be serving full meals, standard-height tables are the most practical choice. Though there are already high-top dining table sets sold in the market, finding tables like these for rent may be quite a challenge. Standard height tables are easier to find and more convenient, especially when families are invited and children are attending the party.

When there are more food choices and drinks to be served, standard-height tables may be more functional and convenient, though this is not much of an issue for high-top tables. This is because there are high-top kitchen tables that can accommodate many sitters, allowing there to be more space on the table tops. You just need to find a furniture rental company that can provide these types of tables.

High Top Table Rentals: Other Advantages

The good thing about renting high-top tables and chairs is that you can select the sizes and shapes that you need to meet your specific occasion. There are round high-top tables, and there are those that come in other shapes like oval, square, and rectangular. Small round tops are probably the most popular because they create an intimate surface for 2-4 people to gather closely around.

You may also consider rental as a way to test the waters, so to speak.  If you’re not yet sure that this style will work in your environment, you can simply try them out temporarily and see how they affect the whole atmosphere of a function or party.  And you can do this with little risk. After all, they’re rented and can be returned.

Most rentals, especially the slim high-top bar tables, are pretty much standard when it comes to their features.  This gives party organizers the liberty to design these in such a manner that they will fit the theme of the party.  You can select a style, or cover them with tablecloths, in the color or material that makes them look elegant and formal, fun and casual, or whatever atmosphere you want to create.

So when torn between wanting to rent high-top tables and standard-height tables, you should think about the purpose of the event and the look and feel you desire. You can certainly opt to have both types of tables at one event if that makes the most sense.

Business Uses

Most of what is discussed applies not only to home or residential use but also to businesses and commercial purposes.   These tables are perfect for the company’s annual holiday party, employee appreciation celebration, or special customer events.  Most notably, more and more businesses that set up exhibits at conferences now rent one or more small high tables and stools for their trade show booth.

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