Whether you are looking for a work table for commercial use or at home, for carpentry, food preparation, crafts, or anything else that has you bending over your work surface for hours at a time, the height of your table can make a huge difference.  A counter height work table may be just what you need for improved comfort and overall health, as well as increased productivity.

Counter height work tables stand taller than standard height tables, usually at around 34″-36″ inches high.  This makes them comfortable to stand at while using the table surface, without having to bend too low in a way that brings pain to the lower back.  Counter height tables can also be comfortable to sit at by using counter height stools or chairs.

34 to 36-inch work tables are available in a range of tabletop sizes and a variety of materials, colors, and styles.  The best counter height work table for your personal needs will depend on several things, such as the type of work you plan to do at your table, the amount of time you spend standing at your table, and where your table will be located.

Counter Height Stainless Steel Work Tables – by Gridmann

These heavy-duty tables from Gridmann are made of ultra sturdy 18-gauge stainless steel, designed for the intensive use of commercial environments such as kitchens, bars, schools, laboratories, and more, as well as at home in a garage, workshop, or laundry room.  They are NSF certified, meaning they meet the strict public health protection standards required of commercial fixtures.

The working surface height of these tables is 34.5 inches.  Some have backsplashes, and all have an adjustable height under the shelf for convenient storage of quick-access items.

Non-marring feet are adjustable to prevent wobbling on uneven floors, and if you’d like, heavy-duty Gridmann caster wheels can be purchased separately and will raise a table by about 5 inches, taking it to 39.5 inches tall.

Here are some of Gridmann’s most popular sellers:

Adjustable to Counter Height Folding Tables – by Lifetime

If you’re looking for maximum versatility, then consider an adjustable-height folding table from Lifetime.  Folding tables are always useful to have, whether you have a place to set them up permanently or simply to have available when you need an extra, portable, work surface.  Lifetime brand has an extremely highly rated, top-quality collection of adjustable to counter-height folding tables.

With tabletops constructed of high-density polyethylene to be used either indoors or outdoors, they are resistant to stains, chips, rust, or peeling, and are easy to clean.  The tables are super sturdy yet portable, letting you quickly and easily set up your counter-height work table wherever you need it.

With these adjustable height folding tables from Lifetime, you can lock in the height of the table to where it best suits you for your current project, including counter height.  Choose your preferred height, whether it is 22 or 23 inch kids height, 29 inch standard height, or 36 inches counter height.

This flexibility makes these tables ideal for a variety of uses.  And because they fold away into a more compact package, they are easy to stow away when not being used, which is especially useful to those who have limited storage space.

Lifetime’s most popular folding counter height work tables include:

Studio Designs Graphix II Workstation

Some activities such as design, drawing, drafting, and graphics, greatly benefit from a surface that can be set at an angle. This Graphix II Workstation from Studio Designs is the perfect solution. The dual top surface is designed to allow you to have an angled surface and a flat surface at the same time, allowing for use with multiple projects at once. In fact, the angled surface can also lay flat like a standard tabletop, providing unlimited flexibility in how you might choose to use the table.

The top surfaces are made of a smooth, easy-to-clean melamine with plastic corner protectors. Sturdy heavy gauge steel leg construction provides long-lasting stability, and adjustable feet ensure a steady table even on an uneven floor. The larger surface has a pencil ledge to store your writing implements and keep them from rolling off when angled.

Choose from two table sizes: The large one is 53.5″w x 30″d with an adjustable height from 30″ to 39″. The angled top section measures 42″ x 30″. The smaller option measures 47″w x 23.75″d and can be adjusted from 28.5″ to 35.75″. The angled surface is 35.5″ x 23.75″.

South Shore Counter Height Craft Table

Looking for the perfect table with a surface for laying out craft projects plus shelves to store crafting accessories and projects?  Then have a look at this cute and functional counter-height craft table from South Shore. Carefully planned with the craft hobbyist in mind, you’ll find all the features you need.

This counter height work table with storage is an easy-to-assemble white table unit constructed of melamine laminate particle board for a smooth and easy-to-clean surface that’s water, stain, and peel resistant.

The overall dimensions of the table are 34″ high x 53.25″ wide x 26.75 inches deep. Beneath one side of the table, you have 4 adjustable shelves creating spaces that are 16.5″ wide and 13.25″ deep. The other side has 1 open fixed shelf and 2 adjustable shelves enclosed with a door measuring 35″ high x 13.5″ wide x 18.5″ deep. Also, there are 2 inner adjustable shelves on this side and a drawer at the upper center part of the table. There is ample space to store all your essential stuff for work.

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